Farah Al Qasimi

January 22 - June 25, 2022

Spanning photography, video, and performance, Farah Al Qasimi’s work speaks to the complexities of negotiating overlapping cultures and multiple contexts simultaneously. This exhibition will bring together new and recent photographs that consider the story of her family’s migration between the United Arab Emirates and the United States, the global circulation of popular culture, and the reflection of both within the idiosyncrasies of personal style and aesthetic.

Al Qasimi offers fragmented glimpses into public or private realms, often exploring the language of adornment and its relationship to identity, probing the ways in which we construct self-image through our surroundings. The resulting images reflect an ambivalence towards the transnational flows of commodity culture in the same breath as they approach the aesthetic predilections of their subjects – often young women – with seriousness and care.

Lush, textural, and brimming with visual excess, Al Qasimi’s photographs possess a heightened quality that veers towards the uncanny. While her subject matter appears legible and familiar at first, her images transcend the realm of the ordinary and confuse the boundaries between perception and representation.

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