Veronika Pausova

January 22 - June 25, 2022

Painter Veronika Pausova draws on figurative imagery to tell diagrammatic short stories—hands grasping, noses sniffing, fruit flies teeming—that mine the territory between animation and stasis. The implied movement of these recurrent motifs serves as a proxy for the viewer; we can feel the anxious energy that results in endless scratching, tugging, or pacing within our own bodies.

These figurations form a cast of recurrent characters that evolve within and between compositions with a logic personal to the artist. Spiders with pearl-like bodies appear to be dancers in one painting, earrings in another. Elsewhere, spider legs devolve into a series of walking boots, each of which is punctuated with a single, photo-realistic big toe. The elements of Pausova’s visual vocabulary are in perpetual transformation, existing across a continuum of possible states, places, and times.

Her paintings deftly intertwine figurative elements with surreal abstraction and graphic surface detail. Multiple disembodied hands pull at louvered blinds amid a setting sun, both of which are abstracted with geometric surface detail so as to meld into one another – architecture and atmosphere becoming one. The alchemy of these combinations destabilizes the spatial logic of Pausova’s paintings and complicates the relationship between seeing and knowing.

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