Molly JF Caldwell | Collaborative Weaving – on display in the 4th floor galleries

Download here the “How to Weave” instructions.

This large-scale weaving is on view, located in Esker’s 4th floor galleries.

Participants joined Project Space artist Molly JF Caldwell for an earth-friendly interactive workshop where they learnt how to transform old clothing, sheets, or fabric into textile art. Molly shared her knowledge and skills, including how to warp a loom, weaving techniques, and creating patterns. Participants worked on their own project and had the opportunity to add to a collaborative large-scale weaving. Over the course of this workshop series and until it was complete, the collaborative weaving was publicly installed in the Atlantic Avenue Art Block atrium and was added to by the public on a drop-in, ongoing basis, until finished.

The finished weaving is on display in Esker’s 4th floor galleries near the seating/lounge area.