News: June 2014

Must-Sees This Week: June 26 to July 2, 2014

Canadian Art declares Yvonne Mullock’s artist talk at Esker a must-see event!

» Canadian Art

“Filling the Void” by Sara Angel

Pick up the latest issue of Canadian Art to read Sara Angel’s feature examining “the rise of Calgary’s Esker Foundation, a unique blend of art and commerce that is bringing exciting and innovative exhibitions to one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities.”

» Canadian Art

Review of Cynthia Girard’s Unicorns and Dictators

Lissa Robinson reviews Cynthia Girard’s Unicorns and Dictators for Galleries West magazine.

» Galleries West

Esker Wins Runner Up Best Art Gallery!

Esker Foundation is named runner up best art gallery in Calgary in Fast Forward Weekly’s annual “Best of Calgary” reader’s poll!

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