News: March 2015

Calgary’s Best Streets

Inglewood’s 9th Ave was named one of Calgary’s best streets by Metro News.

» Metro News

Esker Foundation hot doggin’ it with new exhibition

The existential debate at the heart of 1965’s Oscar Mayer wiener jingle was this: Is it better to be a hot dog because then everyone would be in love with you, or not to be a hot dog because you’d surely be devoured in short order? Fifty years later, a Calgary artist has come up with a beautiful middle-ground solution: if you are a hot dog, everything’s going to be alright—as long as you can escape the usual fate and find your way to a tiny convalescence bed in Inglewood.

» Swerve

Epic art exhibition Oh, Canada is a gripping experience

Beatroute profiles Oh, Canada in their latest issue.

» Beatroute

5 family-friendly things to do this weekend in Calgary

The Calgary Herald lists Hannah Doerksen’s Lost and Found workshop as a top weekend activity in Calgary.

» Calgary Herald