News: March 2016

Matthew Hills reviews Needles and Pins for Galleries West

There’s a push and pull in Colleen Heslin’s quilt-like paintings, a pull to examine the undulating dyes and the rolling seams that stitch together second-hand fabrics used as surface and support. Yet these same chromatic stains and opposing fabrics push you back to make sense of the illusory depth and the ambiguous but evocative compositions. It’s a hypnotic cycle that makes this exhibition a compelling experience.

» Galleries West

Review of Charlotte Moth’s living images by Lindsay Sorell

Charlotte Moth’s living images is reviewed in Canadian Art‘s Spring 2016 issue.

» Canadian Art Magazine

Ragnar Kjartansson’s Doomed Quest for Beauty in Montreal

Internationally acclaimed Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson describes himself in many ways, according to a recent interview with The Talks: namely, as a trained housewife and a bona fide dreamer. As he explained to the publication, “art becomes an instrument to fulfill [your] daydreams. It’s almost like a superhero pill: you can do everything through art.”

» Canadian Art