Moving Out Moving In: ‘One Bedroom Apartment’ an installation by Liz Magor

‘One Bedroom Apartment’ an installation by Liz Magor, by Dallas Seitz.

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Contemporary Art Map, Calgary, 2019

 This art map celebrates the important contributions that artist-run centres, commercial galleries, creative spaces, and institutions are making to the cultural life of Calgary. This self-guided tour, designed for both visitors and locals, provides a comprehensive overview of Calgary’s diverse and vibrant contemporary art community and invites you to experience it firsthand.

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Local Drop Magazine: A Space of Infinite Possibility: Fall Exhibitions at Esker Foundation

“A world made of lines, grids, and wires: it almost sounds like a page out of a science fiction novel, filled with boundaries and rules and neon lights. While it might seem fantastical, it is the surreal world created by three Canadian artists at the Esker Foundation for their Fall Exhibitions.”

– Story by Christina Wong

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Art Forum: Anna Torma at Esker Foundation

“Using appliqué, embroidery, and freehand quilting, Anna Torma plunges into a storehouse of accumulated experience, charting the conversion of attention into memory and meaning-making.” – Lucas Matheson. Art Forum, critic’s pick, August 17, 2018.

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