The Calgary Journal: Inglewood’s Esker Foundation flips art museum model on its head

“I just feel like it’s become a landmark place in our city … I think it’s up to becoming this icon that people will come to when they visit Calgary.”

Written by Noel Harper, April 4, 2018.

» The Calgary Journal

Winter Exhibitions Brochure

Read and download a pdf of our Winter brochure that features exhibitions by Kapwani Kiwanga and DaveandJenn, along with information and listings of all Winter public programs.

» Winter Exhibitions Brochure

Crossing Borders: Postcommodity “A Very Long Line”

Michelle Lazo writes in Luma Quarterly on Postcommodity’s A Very Long Line.

» Luma Quarterly

Mary Anne Barkhouse: Animals in the Parlour

Jennifer David writes on the work of Mary Anne Barkhouse and the exhibition Le rêve aux loups.

» National Gallery of Canada

ART SEEN: Unique funding model allows Esker Foundation to focus on showing art

Vancouver based arts writer Kevin Griffin visits Calgary and the Esker Foundation.

» Vancouver Sun

Press Release: Fall Exhibitions Open

“Esker Foundation presents the first solo exhibition in Alberta and major survey of work by Kwakiutl Artist Mary Anne Barkhouse, and the Canadian Premiere of  A Very Long Line by arts collective Postcommodity”

» Press Release: Fall Exhibitions Open at Esker

Jason de Haan Reviewed

Jason de Haan’s staggering mid-career retrospective at Esker Foundationtitled Oh for eyes! At night we dream of eyes!..” – Lindsay Sorell reviews Jason de Haan for Akimbo.
» Akimbo

‘Time and Time and Again’ – Best film to see this August!

Courtesy of the Esker Foundation, a rather obscure, yet fascinating Icelandic film will be screening at their Inglewood location on August 25.”

» Beatroute Magazine

Crossovers: “Earthlings”

Nancy Tousley reviews Earthlings in the May 2017 issue of Border Crossings magazine.

» Border Crossings