CBC news – Glenna Cardinal

Indigenous artist laments loss of land to ring road with art installation.

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CBC The Homestretch: Interview with Glenna Cardinal

“The land that I grew up on is gone, it has been totally flattened… and gone. Alot of what I feel is for the land, for the animals, for the plants, and birds. Everything that is a huge part of who I am, and what my family lived there with.” – Glenna Cardinal.

Glenna Cardinal interview on CBC – The Homestretch
Aired: March 14, 2019 07:31

‘Tsuut’ina Nation artist Glenna Cardinal has created a new art installation that explores her loss of home. The land she grew up on is now being developed as part of the SW ring road. Her installation is called “mourning home” and is on display at the Esker Foundation in partnership with TRUCK Contemporary Art.’

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Canadian Art: Anna Torma at Esker Foundation

“What from a distance look like loose sketches and doodles were actually tightly controlled, richly textured surfaces – Torma’s revolt, in her skill, of modernist dogma around medium-specificity and of a view to the historically discrete and hierarchical categories of art and craft.”

– Erin Silver, P141, Winter 2019. Canadian Art Magazine.

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Photography & Camera Policy

Thank you for visiting Esker Foundation and engaging with our exhibitions. Esker Foundation encourages personal-use photography…

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Esker Foundation + Cultural Access Pass

Esker Foundation is excited and proud to announce our participation in the Cultural Access Pass program, a unique national program that promotes inclusion and the value of arts and culture.

The only program of its kind in the world, the Cultural Access Pass (CAP) offers new Canadian citizens free admission to more than 1400 of Canada’s premier cultural attractions including museums, art galleries, and science centres, as well as discounts on travel and tickets to performing arts events. Since 2008, CAP has inspired more than 280 000 new citizens to explore Canadian culture during their first year of citizenship.


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Local Drop Magazine: A Space of Infinite Possibility: Fall Exhibitions at Esker Foundation

“A world made of lines, grids, and wires: it almost sounds like a page out of a science fiction novel, filled with boundaries and rules and neon lights. While it might seem fantastical, it is the surreal world created by three Canadian artists at the Esker Foundation for their Fall Exhibitions.”

– Story by Christina Wong

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Art Forum: Anna Torma at Esker Foundation

“Using appliqué, embroidery, and freehand quilting, Anna Torma plunges into a storehouse of accumulated experience, charting the conversion of attention into memory and meaning-making.” – Lucas Matheson. Art Forum, critic’s pick, August 17, 2018.

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Akimbo: Vanessa Brown at Esker Foundation

Vanessa Brown at Esker Foundation by Lindsay Sorell

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Nanaimo News Bulletin: Drawing and Sculpture Exhibition ‘Earthlings’ ends Tour at Nanaimo Art Gallery

Drawing and sculpture exhibition ‘Earthlings’ ends tour at Nanaimo Art Gallery
‘Collection of works by mostly Nunavut artists makes lone B.C. appearance in Nanaimo’ – Josef Jacobson

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