Work of Art | Yvonne Kustec: The Garden

The Garden by Yvonne Kustec. Written by Katherine Ylitalo. May, 2021.

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Life of Objects: Liz Magor interviewed by Tess Edmonson

Life of Objects

Liz Magor speaks about her landmark installation, One Bedroom Apartment, and our relationships to the objects we live with.
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Moving Out Moving In: ‘One Bedroom Apartment’ an installation by Liz Magor

‘One Bedroom Apartment’ an installation by Liz Magor, by Dallas Seitz.

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Contemporary Art Map, Calgary, 2019

 This art map celebrates the important contributions that artist-run centres, commercial galleries, creative spaces, and institutions are making to the cultural life of Calgary. This self-guided tour, designed for both visitors and locals, provides a comprehensive overview of Calgary’s diverse and vibrant contemporary art community and invites you to experience it firsthand.

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‘Circumpolar Art’- feature review in Galleries West Magazine, by Dick Averns

 ‘Timely and compelling work by Indigenous artists from the North reflects on language, sovereignty and the land’ by 

“It won’t always be the case that art from the uppermost hemisphere makes you feel on top of the world, but it’s hard not to leave this show without feelings of solicitude. Come for the art and stay for the journey: it’ll take you outside of yourself and positively transport you to places you need to care about.”

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